Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Life ~ Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

When the change of seasons happen within me...

Spring brings flowers, greens, the birds & bees back & brighten up the environment
Summer provides the warmth badly missed during winter and planted hope within us
Autumn sheds the excesses, slows our momentum with a view to face the cold winds in winter
Winter showers everyone with cool, icy cold blanket of snow; but whitens the surrounding
MotherNature has her way of giving hope yet casting fear, spreading beauty yet moderate expectation

I love the seasons
I love genuine friends which are far and few in between; acquaintances aplenty
I treasure my living moments and every breathe I breath
I consciously stay away from negative contacts and avoid wrestling with a/any pig
Nature gives me time but define it finitely

Trouble begins when Nature pours four seasons into one
Some days, the turbulence is worse than the wintry chills mixed with the summer heat
Extreme? Yes, indeed, when everything didn't get right and every turns is a failure and an obstacle
Where minutes are like hours and days are like years
Yet, like day and night whatever shall pass; even my time shall pass some day

I fear not the heavy storms as I learn to dance in the rain
I may not be the grand oak tree but I floats in the breeze like the lallang
Sometimes, I give up only to realise that I had actually pushed too hard & I cracked
~ The potato is soften while an egg will harden in a boiling water & I am neither
Every day is a lesson for me

Some day, I will be both, the egg and the potato

On hindsight, Mother nature loves every living things but teaches harsh lessons
We are defenceless against the wrath of Nature
But, Nature delivers both good and bad; much depends on who is at the receiving end
I loves the wintry cold and bathe in the summer heat
Spring is hope and Autumn is time to reflex and slow down to allow the body to recuperate

Luck & being Lucky is like day and night; it comes and goes

Keep the smiles, have faith & stay healthy
We are all born LUCKY
The unlucky ones are no more around

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