Friday, October 3, 2008

Crisis Management - Positive Thinking

Have the financial armaggedon make life more equal or happier? It depends!

If you are poor, more will be joining you; rejoice, soon you will have more friends who loss their jobs and homes and some will be worse than you - you found friends

If you find climbing up the social ladder tiring because of too many steps; rejoice, alot have fallen from the top and the top tier had been reduced - less steps to climb

If you are living from hand to mouth; rejoice, there are many who will be your equals, if not worse off - why compare?

If you have no credit cards or creditlines; rejoice, many had outspent themselves and is now worse than you - they may have to look up to you

If you have no money, then why worry? You have been able to live ably and happily for so many years without a fuss; many will have to learn something from you - teach them something and earn your keeps

If you have been receiving empty promises from your boss, do not despair; it was never meant to be delivered. Like you, he was also living in a dream

If you are living in the dumps for years, now is the time to rent your squatters to those whose equities and monies were kept in the likes of Lehmans, WaMu, NorthernRock evaporate - you are a newborn landlord

If you have just lost your girl/boy friend, count yourself lucky; it is going to be cheaper when you next set up your home/family

For years you have lived your life in current stature. Soon, many will have to learn how to live their lives in the more earthly manner like you

For many years you wonder how the CEOs make their millions and living luxuriously, soon the unscrupulous will live in cells and anonymity

In a crisis, there are opportunities. That the obstacles had been brought lower in a downturn, grab your chance - no one owes you a living

The earlier that you accept that the world is unequal, the happier you will be and accept challenges like sunrise and sunset - if you win, you get to keep the fortune, if you loss you gain experiences

Happiness is when you are contented. Happiness is when you are able to share - its all in your hands

Be contented, be happy; you are blessed - Count Your Blessings

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