Saturday, February 14, 2009


The show must go on and let us live life to the fullest
For tomorrow will come
Make the best of what is available 
And the rewards and blessings will flow abundantly 

Live best in adversity
Live a simple life, keep fit, eat enough and sleep well
Today is the best with 86,400 seconds to spend
As I write, the seconds tick by

With the right attitude, we can move mountains and swim oceans
Do not be handicapped by the crippled mind
Look and act beyond you 
When we overcome hardship and challenges, success taste sweetest

Living is a moment and a movement in life; when you breathe your last breath, life ends
The body can take harsh climates and punishing conditions
The mind can overcome any extremes
The soul will, and shall, remain resilient and rides over an eye of the storm without a fray

Being born into misery is not your fault
But, not being able to relieve yourself and prosper is!
We are Master unto ourself
The race is not just to win but to win comfortably

You CAN & I CAN too


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