Friday, May 20, 2011

A Citizen's Prayer


I pray that ...

- I have enough to eat, a proper place to sleep and a little excess amount of money to keep; I found a job, a HDB and a POSB account.

- I am safe, have sufficient income and savings to start a family, provides for the family, live in a fairly stable and healthy environment; I found myself on an island called Singapore, found insubstantial income but with high Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), manages to start a family and live in a HDB within a clean, healthy and humble surroundings.

- I long for belongings; Life was a low-strung struggle, enough to eat, sufficient to go round, adequate rest and  spent time enjoying peers support and company, with little to nil, or friendly, competition.

 - I seek mobility and found progress and mutual respect; the more I give, the more I get.

My prayers were answered and I have lived half my lifespan!

In my next half or quarter life expectancy, there is a consistent need to find income, a roof over the head, the ability to be mobile,both  socially and physically, and a yet to be realized DREAM. Its trying!

Living is getting expensive; costs - food, housing, transport, utilities, taxes - have gone up, real income has gone down, stagnated or evaporated!

I pray

- I remain able, capable and healthy; that the 'Power' and all 'Power-To-Be' will spare a thought for me when formulating policies that affect me - the man in the street. Whether the Gini coefficient is 0 or 4.2 has little effect on me as I enter my winter years but I still need to live humbly and in harmony and to die with dignity.

- For the better or worse, I am Singaporean; I shall live and die here - my Motherland. To my fellow Singaporeans, if you can't make the place any better, please do not make it worse. Spare a thought for our fellowmen, the less able and less fortunate and make living lighter, livelier and easier.

Society will always have the Good, the Bad & the Ugly; the Able, the Less able and the Dis-able. Care and share with one another. We come (born) naked and shall return (die) with nothingness.

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