Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stockmarket - Update

Sell in May and Go away...

In June 8, I wrote that stockmarkets will spike down anytime soon around the Lunar Eclipse. True enough market was soon in disarray; with everyone hitting for the exits.

I have mentioned (to those who care to ask) that this is a 'buy' opportunity especially the last week or so. Market has done a dramatic U-turn up (nearing a Solar Eclipse) and shoot for stars (DJIA has one of the Best Weekly performance recorded).

Market react against orthodox arguments, not necessarily bad news = market down; good news = market up!

What's install for the weeks and/or months ahead? I wager an Upside bias !!! Get out of the market by Oct/Nov. 

The fundamentals may change but the technicals indicate a final push upwards before a dramatic turn-down in/by Dec. GOD knows!!!

The charts are a collective reflection of broad human psychology.

Stockmarket thrives on HOPEs - its hope that moves prices upwards.
Commodity markets thrives on FEARs - the fear of shortages forces price to rise

Trade with care and wager at your own risks; if in doubts check with your financial advisors... a short note from an armchair observer! 

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