Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Enemies From Within

Nobody should underestimate the enemies...

What's our defense strategy? What's total defense?

We are always ready to defend and fend off attacks by enemies. But, who are our enemies and where will they come from? Our nearest neighbors are Malaysia & Indonesia and  there are no reasons for them to conquer our tiny, sunny island.

With our arsenal of offensive weapons (air, sea & land) and our 'offense is the best defense' philosophy, our neighbors are the unlikely contenders. The damage will be too big and the tiny island is too small a prize for land-grab.

But, then its because we had built up an attacking force, with the ability to dish out maximum damage that deters potential enemies. Are we safe? Guess, we are!

But, the 'real enemies' are within.

How do you identify the enemies in a sea of foreigners co-mingling in Singapore? What if the million or so foreigners decided to gang-up and stir trouble with a view to create economic sabotage or to destabilize the country especially if Singaporeans are depress, demoralize and unity is lacking due to no income (jobless or unable to make ends meet) and no sense of belonging? Its not impossible.

By then, can we send them away by the boatloads?

Our country better stop importing foreigners and start to groom locals. We cannot deny that many Ops, Admin and white-collar jobs went to foreigners while our young grads & PMETs remain underemployed or unemployed.  The provision of equitably paid jobs to Singaporeans is a necessity as our youths loss out two years (serving NS); ever wonder why many are questioning the purpose of NS nowadays?

If a leader cannot, or do not, care for the average man, the commoners and the soldiers, how do you expect them to support you in times of need? No general has ever won a war without soldiers! Care & share. The laymen are not begging for food nor welfare but asking to be treated equitably, fairly and to have a level playing field.

A good leader leads his men; an excellent leader eats with. and share, his men's dreams, fears & aspiration.

A wealthy man cannot live in a sea of poor.

Until the day my younger graduates friends find their dream jobs (nowadays, getting an interview is almost impossible, not to mention securing the job) and PMETs employment improves, its all talks and NO actions.

The ivory tower is too tall and the messenger is dead; only good news, not necessarily accurate nor real, are couriered upwards.

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