Friday, May 24, 2013

ERP; It's Costs & The Spy Traps

Whatever GNSS & ERP x; its a revenue chaser.

Car ownership has been, and will always be, expensive in Sgp. Apart from the variety of taxes currently in place, throwing-in 'charge by usage' will only further burden the users, minus the wealthy.

From experiences, the current system (or any new measures) are revenue centric; why disallow car pooling, car sharing & the likes. If every cars on the roads have four or more passengers (two in the case of two-seaters), half the car population will be parked at homes. What traffic jams?

With GNSS and ERP3 and a whole gamut of devices installed in-car, drivers are deprived of freedom, choice & privacy. Monitoring your movements, knowingly or unknowingly, becomes the norm. What's there to prevent a rogue government (if an evil group seizes power through the box) from misusing these for their selfish purposes?

Control at extremes will breed resentment and rebellion against the system and paralyze initiatives.

At the rate we are introducing, and passing more costs, to consumers/citizens, Sgp is a pressure cooker waiting to explode. The mounting stresses will create more zombies & cracks on the roads. The health costs of a stressful citizenry outweighs economic gains.

What's wrong with traffic jams? Economic costs? Sure, but if the health of the general citizenry is cracked or collapsed, what price are we paying?

Singapore is an experimental bed for many policies but our citizens must not be sacrificed like guinea pigs.

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