Monday, July 15, 2013

The (Shadow) Class Struggle

..I am concern about you and your well being; trust me...

Is there a class differential in Singapore? That depends on who you ask, I guess. With 80% or more owning a house/HDB, even the bourgeois is confuse.


  [boor-zhwah-zeeFrench boor-zhwa-zee] noun
the bourgeois class.
(in Marxist theory) the class that, in contrast to the proletariat or wage-earning class, is primarilyconcerned with property values.

The working class is fast becoming a a struggling class in classless Singapore where rising costs of living is pushing them lower and lower on the affordability ruler. The stagnation to declining of income, coupled with more educated persons and professionals (PMETs), aged 40s and above losing their jobs, are putting pressure on the starch that holds everyone together for decades.

There is no real discontent nor challenges except the opposing 'noises'; (i)the promise of "we will prosper together" versus (ii)"you are prospering and we are sinking", with the latter getting louder by the day. It didn't help much with conflicting statistics - the official statistics almost always show a rosy picture but the netizens' sources almost always are able to point to selective reporting and deficiencies in the official numbers.

Why not call 'a spade a spade'?

Singaporeans can accept a frank, honest and sincere value proposition. What is it we have not seen? From fishing village, to being an entreport to high finance to gaming/integrated resorts; objections were always mild and the willingness to go it together is firmer than the finest glue on earth.

At the rate foreigners are coming in, its a fact that Singaporeans will become a minority in their own home; what's there to protect them as you would protect your homes? The locals do NS and have reservists' obligations while the foreigners come to feast and get free scholarships is/are an unacceptable equation. Charity begins at home; if you cannot take care of your own (kind), it's shallow and foolish to groom others in the hope they will stay and become one of you/your own!

There is no need, nor allow foreigners, to hide under the emblem "PR". Get it straight. PRs are foreigners. Let us have an honest and sincere relationship. Tell it as it is! Let us go back to basics:  

The Govt do what they are good at - Govern. The people works for their living and the entrepreneurs work on the multiplier and equitably pay their local staffs. Our domestic economy is re-engineered and rejuvenated and let the small industries and 'mom & pop' shops prosper manifesting more choices and opportunities for all.

Protect Singaporeans lives and livelihood. To all foreigners who scream 'xenophobic', allow me to say this; "pack up and go home and ask your own Government to open your door wide to welcome foreigners". We may consider coming to join you together with the 200mil globally unemployed.

When push comes to shove, if & when the locals feel helpless, 'impoverished', hopeless and ignored, many may seek alternative solutions just to ventilate and 'hope for the best'. What's it, I don't know neither can I predict. 'What the mind thinks, it becomes' - quote/unquote.

The future will be as bleak or as hopeful depends on our ability and willingness to re-engineer and share. The rich cannot live in a sea of poor as the more able must lead the mass out of this 'unequal paradigm'. Let us start working and stop bickering for a better tomorrow.

Strictly, there is NO anti-government elements but when & where policies strangle and the noose tightens, you get feedback and responses.

We, the Citizens of Singapore, ..... 

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