Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Being positive is good but sometimes we must not try too hard
We must not drive too hard a bargain but leave enough for a satisfysing conclusion
Walking away from a intense situation will, more often than not, allow enough room for solutions to manifest
When two bulls lock horns, nobody wins
When the aircraft carrier 'challenges' the lighthouse for her right of way, the aircraft carrier is doomed for its obstinancy
Try your best and worry not
Spend your effort to orchestrate solutions instead of worrying about your problems
That split second decision sometimes differentiate between a winner and a loser; a life and death; boom or doom
Learn and re-learn.
Arm yourself with knowledge and be informed
Be aware and adapt to the fast changing environment
I cannot change the environment but am quick to adapt
I do not intend to, and cannot, change others
I listen more, speak less - in silence, I find peace
Everyone can win but few will learn to enjoy & bask in his victories
Sway like the willow and live like the cockroach
If living is to a process, I choose an enlighten journey; I choose to live happily today & everyday
ZEN - nature is permanent yet impermanence
A healthy body and a happy soul ; I shall be

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