Saturday, July 5, 2008

Organs For Sales?

It is unfortunate but real that when a person's life is on tenterhooks, he will seek the least-resistance path to look for solutions. Where organ trade, and thus health, is concern, the rich will be able to pay his way to get replacement. What about the poor? The world will never be equal but we can make it more livable and humane.

Most are against trading of human organs but will they say the same if he is ill and desperately needed a replacement organ?

I agree with Dr Lee W L that legislation needs to be tweaked to suit changing needs but who will determine if a kidney should be priced at S$30,000 or S$300,000? More importantly, who determines who gets the organ if price mechanism in play?

Perhaps, we can revisit the Human Organ Transplant Act (Hota) where organs are harvested in cases of brain dead patients who did not opt out.

Fresh legislation can be introduced to Hota to accomodate situation where a brain dead patient who have opted out but his organs can still be harvested for their immediate sick relatives or family members replacement for a price. Hopefully over time, when this practice is accepted, or becomes more acceptable, the populace will be more willing to accept price mechanism for living donors.

Too many legislations stifle solutions but effective and relevant regulations make difficult decisions alittle more tolerable.

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