Friday, August 22, 2008

Brutal Truth

Winners get all the attention and losers bite the dusts

When luck is with you, anything and everything you do is a breeze and success begets successes

When you tell the truth and the truth hurts, you becomes the 'courier of bad news' and is deemed a spoiltsport; and will be cast away like a dodo

Many people like to hear 'sweet nothings' and live the life of 'emperor without clothes'

Unless you are seen as useful or can be make used of, society generally keeps away from you

When you are winning and riding high, cruise the course

When you lose, stay low, manage your expectation and bite your time; don't expect pity.

It takes alot of courage to fight or flee; live to fight another day

Suicides end all but being alive means you have another chance, albeit temporary misery

Every man has a weakness and every woman - madness

When you are down, need not ask the 'Whys' and 'How unfair'; the earlier that you know and accept that life will never be fair, the happier you will be

Living in misery is a choice as living happily is another choice; why live in misery when you can just ignore the pains, the hurt and the setbacks; the truth is always brutal

Tomorrow will come but make the best use of TODAY

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