Friday, August 8, 2008

Choices - More often than not it is NO choice

We all have a choice; to live happily or to live a life of misery
But, it takes more than guts to brave the betrayals, setbacks, obstacles ... life challenges

More often than not, to flow with life's demand is itself a great challenge but, alas, let us not despair... the journey is forever fraught with unknown and uncertainties.

Whether you live happily or miserably, you need to pass today to reach tomorrow... only to realize that tomorrow never comes!

Why be miserable now? Why not live the best and bask in the glory of today... the choice is obvious but few really have a choice.

The challenges are tough and rough, never insurmountable; GOD, give me strength, show me the way as I live now and tomorrow will arrive soon...........

I want to live the best today; and EVERYDAY - knowing very well that I have a choice.

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