Thursday, November 27, 2008

Costs Cutting Morale Boosting

In this trying times, there are things we can do to make life alittle easier yet productive. Employers need not fret and axe staffs but may find less painful solutions;

How to cut costs, not morales.

Allow Unpaid timeoff - it pleases your staff and they perform equally well (motion expand to fill time given) without hurting your pocket

Allow Work from home tied to results (KPI) - this is freedom with responsibility

Voluntary 'layoffs' (if excess staffs) - why keep so many staffs when they cannot work productively but instead spent time speculating on 'Who' & 'When' will layoffs hit

Sell off or give away non-performing units - knowing your terrain and running it well is better than clinging on to hope that things will change for the better (a Dollar saved is a dollar gained)

Reorganise backroom, supporting functions to locations with lower rentals/costs - a nicely fit 'factory outlet' is equally functional and efficient

Redesign the work place - not everyone needs a room or a cubicle

Allow Management Buy-Outs of 'stand alone, less efficient units' - re-employ them as part of your supplychain

Re-time and use more efficient Advertising & Promotions with longer shelflife - A&P captures consumers interests and participation in their leisure hours

Insists on least cost suppliers - least cost does not mean less efficient nor lower quality (ask for references)

Be prepared to lower pay of free loaders, non-thinking (not contributing but just being present) staffs - 'Yes man' are best partners for parties not work

Nobody is indispensable yet everybody must be a working piece of the locomotion

You Can't Fly Like An Eagle If You Are Working With Turkeys

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