Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tao - 道

Breath well and be at Peace
When in turbulence, Relax
Smile in the face of the Unruly
When confuse, walk away to allow Diffusion
Don't set high expectations as Disappointments will be equally high
When in Doubts, Pray - GOD is all around us
Give yourself a chance as No one will
When there is day, there is night. There are Winners, there are Losers
Yin and Yang are unique and yet in unison
Go with the Flow
Nothing is beyond us, as Nothing will be too Insurmountable
It is not Failures that break a person, it is his refusal and inability to Overcome defeat
I am Who I am, I come and I go, I am only Passing
Keep thing Simple, Keep life Simple
Tomorrow will always come, but Today is the best
Seeing is believing as the Eyes see, believing is Seeing as the Soul feels 
I live today & now; I live happily
My Soul is at ease and my Feeling is empty - void of distractions and negatives 
In GOD I Trust

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