Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Days Are Back - 01012009

Unlike previous years, I have chosen today [with 365 days ahead] to share my thoughts.

2008 was a trying year; a year filled with surprises, both positives and negatives! But, like all things, there is day and night, trials and tribulations and bad times shall pass. It is darkest just before dawn breaks!

It is imperative to keep the spirits high and be in good health in trying moments. A healthy, positive mind can move mountain; nothing is impossible - just do it. Don't let yesterday's drag be tomorrow's fruits. Live well and live healthily today & anyday for tomorrow's victory is there for your taking. Follow your heart!

Whether you are happy or sad, well-fed or hungry, lame or a 'fighting fit' machine, planning your work or wallowing in self-pity, you will only win and be better if you are ever-ready to receive and take the challenges when the new dawn arrives; dead man tells no tales. Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.

So, just live happily, healthily and adapt well. Whether you like it or not, the environment will change, things will change; just be there when the good times are back.

Well, Man find solutions to problems but GOD eliminates problems. In GOD we Trust; do your best and leave the rest!

Be Happy Today, Tomorrow & Anyday; Today is a HappyDay with 365 happier days to come...
You have a choice. It is our fortune to be able to help. Be genuine, kind and nice & make the world alittle nicer and pleasant for all to live

I may not be materially well off but I am contented & happy; I have enough to eat, not excessively. I have enough to go round but not luxurious though! I sleep well and soundly and bathe in the abundance of blessings - YOU can too.

You have a choice.

GOD bless; Happy NY09

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