Saturday, January 24, 2009

What To Do In Turbulent Times

Keep life simple

- Keep fit, eat enough and sleep well

- If you have a job, excel & do alittle more such that not having you in the Company is your boss's losses
- If you are not employed then be your own boss; how about setting up a Job Exchange (JEx). There are millions who complain about their jobs. Help them find the ideal job for a fee. In short, be entrepreneurial
- If you just loss your job, stop complaining. Do what you always wanted to do but was unable because you were working... be it travel, helping at the hospice, learning to cook, picking up guitar lessons, bungee-jumping... just do it

- Keep the relationship warm and encourage each other; when was the last time you (& your family) camp by the sea and enjoy the breeze or walk the nature reserve (other than army training!)

- Do not just sms & email; a call or visit will revitalize the friendship and keep opportunities flowing

- Care & share; don't be a parasite by taking and never giving. You will be a pest and can never receive the best

- If you don't have money, never despair. Go find it; money don't grow on trees but if you care to slow down alittle, think deeper you will see that opportunities are indeed all around you

- Education is not about paper chase; we learn as we grow/age. It is about securing a least resistance path towards success with peace of mind. A frustrated scholar is not an educated person as his mind is filled with "bull in a china shop"

- Don't blame the whole world except yourself for any setback. Blaming don't translate into solution; identify the problem and cause and make rectification; you will always find solutions if you know the cause

World Order
- If its everyone's problem, then its universal equality; you are not alone! Someday, daylight will shine and darkness cleared. We all live for a purpose be it sad or glad; lets live happily and healthily... you have a choice

Fear Not
- Do your best & leave the rest. Tomorrow will come but live your best today. In GOD we trust.
(if you don't belief in GOD, belief in yourself - your future lies in your hands)

Whether you are rich or poor, keep your life simple.

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