Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Difficult Days

When the mind wonders, I let it be...

I am tired
Physically I am drained
Mentally - its empty but not void

I procrastinate
The body is willing but the spirit is weak
I did everything except what I am supposed to do

I ...
Some days, somehow the body is not one
There is a need to be focus yet like stray bullets, they are off-target; Off by a mile

The World passes me as the clock ticks
I float aimlessly and drift listlessly in space
I have no goal, no guidance and no end-point

This is of those days that is empty but not void
Listless but not dreadful
Alone but not lonely

I am not an oak tree but the grass dancing in the wind

When tomorrow comes, I shall regain my focus, spirit and fire
I shall walk on water and enjoy the baptism of fire
The steely mind shall be shaped and crafted to defeat all challenges and win all wars

My chameleonic qualities with positive reinforcement shall be the light of my darkest night 

I am who I am in my ZEN living; alive, seeking and thriving

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