Sunday, October 2, 2011

When Time Is Finite

"You have at most 3 months to live," the doctor pronounced!

What goes on in your head with such crushing news?
How did you accept this cruel pronouncement?
Why me?
Who should I share this with or I should just keep mum and ...

Your world shatter in front of you.

Shocked, acceptance, denial & rejection, depression ...
No matter how strong, how brave or how indifferent you are
When your body clock is finite and will end soon
You will be devastated

I believe most, if not all, people cannot accept defeat let alone a deathly announcement
Knowing that you are in the clutch of death-gate and unlikely to get a reprieve is worse than dying itself
But, many also awake whilst living in death's shadow

I think its not the darkness of night that we find challenging but the lengthiness of night ...

Its a mirage and miracle that many manage to outlive such pronouncements especially if they live like there is NO tomorrow and lived happily

Do you or will you?

Don't wait till your days are numbered
Live happily, healthily and enjoy every moment - today, tomorrow and any days

Our time is always finite
We live on borrowed time as tomorrow is never promised

I ... try to live to the fullest
I stretch my day and cuts down on darkness
I sleep lesser

...somedays I have 25 hours day; can you?

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