Friday, February 22, 2013

Empty Journeys

Walking towards a corner, cornered and no exit ; U-Turn is the only option ...

How do you measure achievements and success? Is the monk or pope any more successful than the ordinary man or the wealthy tycoons? I don't know
From young to old, everyone is comparing as to how much one has achieved or attained

To the vagabond, the beggar, the down-&-almost-luckless lad, getting the next meal and warmth is an achievement
To the wealthy tycoon, making afew dollars more is not going to make his day
To the average Joes & Janes, making enough to feed the family and to provide decent, basic needs is the ultimatum

I have seen all

Achieving too much at too short a time may not necessarily be good
When your cohorts are not your competitors, you have to fight it out in a higher realm, the unknown, the untested; a realm that may not be what you want or look forward

You have arrived but at a different place

It's all about recognition; achieving something without recognition is hollow
I have come a long way, into the corner; a corner without exit
I have to make an U-Turn - with many lost journeys and efforts
Who is there to empathise with me? It's a tale of no return

I have, and will, walk backwards towards civilisation and recognition

There are many innocently spent journeys helping the world but no one will ever understand a lonely journey

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