Friday, February 22, 2013

The Poor Will Rule Again

Fighting back is not about physique nor money ...

Working hard to achieve something
Looking for business to crystalize
Making money out of a deal
It all looks easy

The rich will not spare a dime for the poor
The elite will not lift a hand to help the downtrodden
The ruler will benefits his own men and cronies
The powerful, famous and wealthy will ringfence their positions

It is getting harder to make ends meet

I enjoy helping the less well-off, the underprivilege and the needy
Not that I have a flair for this but I cannot see them being 'bullied into submission'
With an ever increasingly materialistic world where everything is measured in terms of money, we have passed the point where 'decent living and dignity' can be had for a penny
I have long given up on fairness, justice and equality ... everything being equal, I'd like to have the upper half

The cries for help and assistances are dismissed as noises
The bare increments of wages for the lower (& lowest) strata must come with productivity
The need for welfare assistances and needy families are scorned
What has Society became with the Gini-Coefficient widening at every counts

The world evolves and revolves

It's either the pyramid shortens and lightens lives
Or when the top collapses, things will look more equal again

Some day, the poor will rule again

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