Sunday, September 22, 2013

Man build, Man destroys

It takes conviction & commitment to build the future
It is foresight & 'fighting to achieve' a cause that drives determination
No obstacle is too big nor onerous when life & death is fraught
In adversity, a new leader is born

Why don't successful companies last forever nor do successful families
It's not just adaptation nor creativity; it's values
When the right values, culture & practices are embedded
The roots of longevity is cemented

But, more often than not, when success gets 'into the head'
Nepotism, cronyism, 'yes-man ship' & groupthink seep in
The refusal to accept differing views & accept criticism are poignant in pre-collapses
It's the 'emperor without clothes' syndrome & compliance &  absolute obedience become the ultimate death nail

The first generation builds
The second generation strive for expansion, diversification & stability
The third generation enjoys & destroys
Death comes faster with incest, in-breeding & self-serving agenda

The furtherest views forward is only 'nose length'
Every honest mistakes is 20/20 hindsight
The best & ablest are 'yes-man' & groupthink prevails
How not to collapse into the wilderness

When leaders & their men becomes one
And dissenting views are frowned upon
The mass suffers

Is redemption near? Change will come, sooner rather than later

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