Saturday, October 5, 2013

The StockMarkets - Swinging & Singing

Many want to make profits but few want to do homework...

Bulls & bears make money but the sheep are slaughtered; the bulls buy & the bears shot with the sheep following blindly behind.

Nikkei Index (NI 14,024) - NI ran from end Nov 2012 & peaked in June 2013; its in a corrective phase

Hang Seng (HSI 23,138) - HSI had a volatile year. It saw lows in Nov 2012, April & July 2013 and Highs in Feb, June, Sep; it is recovering from the major sell-down seen in June 2013

Straits Times Index (STI 3138) - Like most, the low was seen in Nov 2012 & peaked in June 2013; not surprise to see the STI hitting near low of 2800 points before recovering. A move above 3300 will see STI testing & creating new highs

FT Bursa (KL 1776) - It's tough breaking KL 1800; even if it does, will turn down from KL 1850

Dow Jones (DJI 15072) - DJI has been rising on an uptrend since seeing the low in Nov 2012. Downside risk of DJI is 14800, with an (aberration) push towards DJI 14000; a likely scenario but should recover well enough to test all time high.

S&P (S&P 1690) - Uptrend intact since low in Nov 2012; may pull back to 1580 before the next rise

Nasdaq (NQ 3807) - The most promising chart with upside 4000 potential; short term correction expected

Stock markets go in cycles and typically October is the most volatile. Any sell-down in October 2013 (very likely) will followed by a good upswing into November. Carry through run into beginning of 1Qtr, 2014, reflects trend continuation similar to that the last cycle.

The game is old & the players are new. 
Guess, we will have an interesting year ending (2013) & an exciting new beginning (2014)

This is NOT an/any investment advice and nobody should rely on this; if in doubts, seek advises from your professional stockbrokers. lawyers, bankers and the likes.   

Trade with care; if you make money, spare some for the less fortunate

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