Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stock Market - New High Or New Sigh

Who knows best about the stock markets?

The bulls, the bears, the sheep or the ants?
The bulls make money on upswing, the bears shine on collapses & downswings while the sheep follow & the ants spread rumors, trade on hearsay & pay dearly for acting on misinformation.

Everyone wants to make money but few do their homework.

We have seen some meaningful correction, followed by a rebound. Will the rebound last, create new highs or tumble into the wilderness?

Looking at the charts, the best is yet to be.

Companies do not fail; it's the management. Prices trade & trend in cycles. What goes up will come down, vice versa. There are a lot to learn & everyday is new.

October is an exciting & exacting month with the best & worst performers happening over a small window of time.

October 2013 will recover & perform well into 1st quarter 2014; Market rewards the brave & those who are prepared. Been there, done that!

Good luck; if you make money, spare some for the poor & needy.

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