Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lone Ranger Without Pronto

When the baby is born, he must cry to signal life & it's beginning
CRY! Why cry when the rest laugh at his arrival? It's because life is a journey of struggles
The baby learns early that he must cry to get food & be fed
The screaming baby gets attention & gets what he wants

Without fears & worries, he walks, stumbles, gets hurt, stand up & walk again
His broken bones heal fast, his pain, if any, translates into worries for his caregivers
He is oblivious to worries
His curiosity motivates him to experiment & explore

Our lives are shape by the environment & everything around us
With maturity, cames carefulness & calculated risk taking
We learn to avoid pains & failures
We learn to eat humble pies, tell lies &/to survive

There is a motive in everything we do
We are motivated by agendas, goals & dreams
Winners take all & fallen stars aplenty
Success does not mean recess but success begets successes

Working hard don't always help & its not the answer but working smart leads to better results
Success is a lot of hard work, with large doses of luck
I have worked very hard with sprinklers of smartness
But, without luck, little can be achieved

I am the lighthouse & the light that glows within me is LUCK
Without the light, aka luck, I will be the darkest lighthouse
The Lone Ranger without Pronto (Luck) has a long journey to tread, alone & in loneliness
Whatever ... It's Luck that counts

Remember: if you don't raise your objection like a baby who cries to get attention, you will forever be downtrodden

Ask & it's given, seek & you shall find. Knock & the door opens for you
With luck in tow, everything is possible

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