Tuesday, December 24, 2013

How Fortunes Change?

Man proposes, GOD disposes ...

It's always nice to be a kid and not to grow up too fast
Living in a carefree, fantasy world, supported by parents and adults
Oblivious to the ongoings, sufferings, trials & tribulations and challenges

The more you know, the more you don't understand how & why this world is filled with contradictions
That heroes and villains are same; separated only by their popularity and reception by commoners
Hitler was well received, so was the Imperial Army; Robin Hood raided the treasury and helped the poor as the 'Beggars Clan' fight for the underdogs

Rich, wealthy merchants and traders make their bundles as some go on to fall flat on their faces
AIG, Citi, Blumount, Liongold, Wang Computer, MBF Holdings, AIS...were investors favourites while Hyflux, OSIM, FB started as 'darkhorses'
Some made it, some returned as victors while some disappear

Being dominant does not mean permanent
If you become dated, irrelevant and refuse to hear the world's calling
Some day, some time, you will be replaced and clipped into the annuls of history

The year is coming to an end and 2014 is a breath away
Problems and issues will continue
Make the best of today; for tomorrow may never come

Everyone need to survive and make a mark somewhere
If you are dead as dodo, there is zero chance of marking
Keep abreast, afloat and your queue is near...soon, you will make it

It doesn't pay to be a dead hero; live to fight another day 

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