Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December : Closing Time

The world was supposed to have ended a year ago
Not only it didn't end but life & living were more challenging
Almost every countries experienced slowing economy, rising unemployment & rising costs of living
Singapore was no exception except we continue to bring in foreigners to compete with locals
Jobs were created but with majority filled by foreigners (PRs are foreigners) & locals have to scratch the bottom

It's amazing that for every 5 persons, 2 are foreigners, 1 a PR & the last two are Singaporeans
We are fast becoming strangers in our own country
Another fast development is that foreigners who were educated here, went on to work, settle down & became PRs
A fair numbers became citizens when their babies arrived
Our Singaporean Sons have to serve 2years of NS & after they finish their education, they are 4 years late in working experiences
Alas, who is to protect our Singaporean Sons who protect the country while foreigners feast?

MoM said there will be fair employment practices

I hope so

Most HR that are helmed by foreigners bring in their same skin & comrades
It's not just kinship but they stand to make referral fees, consultant fees & the likes
Away in the distant land, safely & richly rewarded
I am not speculating; care to conduce check in their home country or those who came to seek their fortune?

The year will be over soon but our problems are far from over

Until, & unless, someone stand up & fight for our rights
Including the rights of our Singaporean Sons, the future is dark
Darker than night on the 1st of Lunar Moon

Care & share with our fellow men, our blue blooded Singaporeans
This will be the last time I talk about deprivation of rights of Singaporeans & our stolen lunches

If Fate is Destiny, then a change in attitude will change Destiny

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