Wednesday, March 29, 2017

LUCK & Being Luky

LUCK is the grease of life & living...

Theresa May triggers Brexit by signing Article 50; the process starts
Surely, UK will return stronger as she restructures, reconstruct and  reposition the City
The Empire of the Sun that never sets is finally about to regain her past glory instead of living in the shadows of Germany & France under EU
The financial centre of Europe will elude the others and return to the City

Make America Great Again - well; Trump has just done that!
At least, the US$ strengthens and DowJones Index & S&P 500 broke through multi year resistance
Top up with several large MNCs investing billions dollars in US
His anti-immigration stance is largely popular but faced resistance from new citizens
With a cracked-Euro$, US$ reigns again & confidence regained

Hard work pays & so they say. Never...
Bear with it & they preach. That's because the pain is not with them
Create awareness by raising prices. Damn it. Didn't they do it through the years of education? Umm
The tendency to suppress and make the masses submissive is an animal instinct
But, Man proposes, GOD disposes

Survival of the fittest doesn't mean the weaker ones will die
Like the blade of grass that danced in the storm and the toppled grand oak tree
Worms are food for birds as bird carcasses are food for the worms
The lion king is food for the hyenas when he is old and ill
The world will never be equal; get use to it

I am waiting for my lucky break 天时地利人和
I have worked very hard, used initiatives and have been very patience
But, LUCK beats everything - a tinge can change black into white
Commerce is cannibalized by e-commerce
Snailmail died with email
Stenography disappeared with the advent of recorder
Being ahead of technology is being ahead of time
Though genius aplenty, few made it

I live my best, make the best of what I have & leave the rest

When I'm down, I lie low & I accept that "Winner takes All", admitting defeat is not in my blood
I'd hibernate, learn from the better and stronger, recuperate and return READY
I train my mind to accept fresh ideas and be bold
When my turn comes, I shall shine again

No two person are born the same
Even if so, no two person will end the same
If there's Fate, I wanna be the Decider

不怕命坏 只要命在 ~ 活的辛苦但心不能苦

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