Wednesday, March 1, 2017

MARCHing Forward

time and tides wait for no man...

This was two years back 拜天公 Even the Rooster Lunar 1st month is over
We are in the end month of first quarter 2017 ~  March                                      
There were simply too much changes
I am still waiting for my 'pot of gold' although much efforts have been expended
There is only "hope" left
Between 'Luck' and 'Smartness', I'd prefer Luck
Everything is a breeze when one is LUCKY

My big break was in 2007 ~ a good ten years ago

Now, I am looking at my 'bucket-list'
Is this why when the list is completed, we 'kick the bucket'? Omigosh, the power of English language
I wanna do so much in so...little time left
Emotional disquietness is the greatest disturbance
At most time, the 'mind is willing but the body is weak'
There is no loss in material searches; contentment is the key & peace is the dividend
Money can buy you many things but nobody can suffer pain nor fall ill on your behalf

To many, they're entering old age but I'm entering middle age
Mid-50s is the great dawn of the 'Second Wind' ~ little baggage, plentiful of leeway, fully powered
Whether you're young or old, being & standing stagnant is trapped in life motor ~ immobile
The choice is clear
Do it now or you may never... never at all
Life is finite
Today & still breathing is the best day

Whether you are static, frantic or indifferent, time flies
I have lost a few friends & relatives over time and only their memories linger
You will do well to do all that you wanted to do before time overruns you
There is so little time left, I thought but NO, time is only as good as you're alive
Get started now
Go chase and do all that you wanted to before your physique fails you
God willing, I will succeed ... in time to come ... soon

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