Monday, May 22, 2017

MAY - May The Grace Be With You

may life be smooth...

Life is never difficult if there is nil expectation
Nothing to expect, nothing wanting, no needs ...comes whatever may
Babies arrived crying but when people dies, others cry
Before babies know and imbue the complications of humans, they just eat, eat, eat and grow
There was never a day you need to ask for food

Babies are lovely; many say
Eat, sleep, shit & put on a great smile with chuckles
They simply smell nice
The natural self
Yes; lovely only when they don't cry & howl indiscriminately

The 5th month is May where the stock markets swing up & many sing "Sell in May & go away"

We get disillusioned when our hopes hollow-out and our efforts go unrewarded
'Failure is the mother of success' or so they say
Tell that to the beggars and those still struggling
The world loves a Winner & winner will always encourage & inspire you to move forward
Good words and acts fall like stones into the ocean to a discouraged person

Many people crave for limelight and credits
They scheme and plot to seize power and fame but ...alas!! Not all are Putin
They will pretend to be do-gooders, kind hearted and helpful but will not hesitate to shove the sword through your neck
There is no mercy in war ~ a war to gain fame, fortune and status
Man proposes and God disposes

When your luck is down, lie low, keep your cash/assets and do not run around like a headless chicken
The fool and his money shall soon part
However, good information and analysis you've done
The timing is almost always incorrect
Just when you dump, get out, cut loss, gives up ...the tides turn

Fate is patience but few live to gain Fate's rewards

There are only dead heroes
Whatever you do, do with a heart, without fear or favor and without looking for rewards
Tomorrows are never promised
The closest thing in this world to everyone of us is "Death" because it's sure and can happen anytime
Whatever is most distant from us is "the Past"; it will never return

Live well and live your best
Cherish those closest to you and value your friends
Someday ...soon
All shalt pass
GOD willing, everyday shalt be seamless and smooth

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