Thursday, June 22, 2017

Stress Or Peace

stress... stress... stressed out

The perfectionist is the perfect candidate for blood disorder, heart problems and high blood pressure
He wants 1+1 = 2, no more, no less
'Dysfunctional', 'synergy' and 'abnormal' are never in his vocabulary
Perfectionist also prefer fairly fix way of doing things, fixing things and storing them
Any abrupt changes will leave him disoriented; there is no room for "IFs & BUTs"
But, some do thrive in chaos

Any time is the perfect time 

I have been unduly stressed up, not by too much pressure but too much distractions
The incessant complaints of minute issues
The scheming of low-bar achievements by lowly people
The discourse over provision of too much or too little food when it's a miserly intent
Alas! Money is made or earned to buy necessities, not leave in the bank
What good does 钱在银行 人在天堂 money gives when you are dead & gone

We eat to live and not live to eat; every effort spent will return bountifully in due course
You cannot plant papaya seeds and expect to harvest durians 种豆得豆 种果得果 
There are NO free meals
Karma dish out what was sowed
Just do your best, develop the grounds by imbuing more knowledge and skillsets
Network, like spiderweb, will leads you where bridges bridge opportunities

Buying insurances are great but nothing beats training and building up a team of talents who  would someday excel & return to lead and repay their patriarchy guardian; dutifulness

Is Society cracking up or had cracked? Indeed, it's been for each himself
The elite grab all with crumbs sprinkled to feed the mass
No rich man can live with a sea of poor
The days of change, if delayed, will come suddenly & violently
Only compassion, care & share may safe the day of reckoning; it need not be catastrophic
If Man turns around & repent, the world will be a better place 人性本善

No civilization nor country can live long enough to prosper if there are internal disquietness
No country will last if the leaders are corrupt, corruptible and selfish
There are no living poor nor rich as none find lasting peace when lives become a struggle
Getting even is better than getting mad though both destroys
Let the commoner live their restful, undemanding and daily lives
The rich and powerful may top-slice but when the bottom are hungry, anarchy rises

I wanna move away from the fame, glorious, tortuous and inequitable society
Peace and parity transcends all material 'lusts'
I'd live like in Heaven on Earth that to awaits the Heaven that is promised
Hell!!! There is no Hell below; some are already in Living Hell

I shalt exit into the forest to find PEACE

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