Sunday, April 27, 2008

Give yourself a moment to Walk Away

Subject: Walk Away ...

Walk Away from ...

Anger; nothing good can come out of anger.
Take a deep breathe, stroll by the sea, listen to music and let the soul free!

Temptation; take a wrong step and you are at the deep end.
The forbidden apple's sweetest but the result will hound you!

Greed; you will not fall for the bait by walking away.
Whatever is not yours, was never meant to be!

Envy; its the devil's ultimate of jealousy.
Envy destroys the self and your ability be rational!

Hurt; its painful but not impossible and healing will come over time.
Leave the heart open and God fills it with boundless blessings!

Quarrels; as no
good words will come out of a fiery contest.
It only widen the gap to solutions!

Hatred; the heart can never heals if burried in misery.
Let go and let live, somehow, somewhere, someday the heart will glow again!

But, don't Walk Away from friends. Real friends are far and few in between: probably your ten fingers can are too many for you to account for Real Friends!


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