Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wisdom ...

Subject: WISDOM

Wisdom is ...

Far and few in between
Learning from books and other people's mistakes without soiling the Soul
Not lying to ourselves when the facts hurt yet "taking the bull by its horns"
Believing in God yet working towards our chosen goal as 'God helps those who helps themselves'
Carrying on all tasks with enthusiasm and zeal without supervision
Not giving excuses but armed with reasons when failure looms; best of all, turning challenges into successes
Not choosing soft options when the going is tough 'coos tough time don't lasts; tough people do
Finding alternative solutions without undermining the path to successes as solutions lie within the problems
Resting and slowing down but not giving up; rest if you must but never quit
Knowing what's right, doing what's right and avoiding the temptation of shortcuts
Knowing when to quit; like quiting at the top
Winning most of the time and not all the time
Being calm, happy and light hearted whilst still stuck in the 'eye of the storm'
Knowing when to say sorry
Patience, patience and more patience

... nevertheless, I am still searching & learning

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