Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Career - Be The Best

Always be the best & be ready.

Whatever you undertake to do, always do your best. Your enthusiasm and passion for the work chosen, pickled with intelligence and indepth knowledge will manifest into the most desirable result.

Don't just work hard; horses and cows work very hard too! Work smart. Don't be lazy; the greatest regret in life is being lazy. Laziness achieves nothing and losses everything!

If you like :

- managing people, human resource management is good.
- immediate results, sales is the job.
- crisis management, medicine & military is excellent.
- helping others, social and legal work is suitable
- to build, engineering is a choice.
- to prove a point, join politics

The list goes on....

Know your strengths and manage your weaknesses.

Only you know yourself and your goal better. What others can do for you is to guide you towards your ideal; reaching your goal is your work.

The best career isn't the one that pays you the highest nor that that gives you the greatest recognition, its the one that gives you the most satisfaction and a peace of mind. Joy to those who knows the limits of achievements and basks in the glory of sweet victories.

Even Napoleon Buonaparte has his Waterloo & Alexander has his babylon! How about you?

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