Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cheers - Think Positive

Cheer up! A cheerful soul is an enlightened person.

"Know tyself"
A good warrior knows his strength and manage, and minimize, his weaknesses. He fights to win. He is prepared and will only pounce when opportunity presents. He don't fight every battles but he chooses when to go to war.

SunZi - "empty city" strategy -
A guarded fascade, charming and disarming, will keep your opponents guessing, unprepared and unaware. Leave enough ropes for your opponent to hang tyself; why dirty your hands to eliminate unworthy opponents?

"Be like a willow tree"
Sway with the wind and still remain stable! Develop an agile personality to mix with people of all walks of life, races and religion. You need not hate them, or like them. Do enough to keep them by, and be on, your side. Why have enemies when you can have them on your side to fight your battles.

"Remain cheerful and positive"
Positives win more positives! Positive attracts and charms all around you. Not tthat you need to clown around, but you need to attract the right people into your camp; those who will march to your tune.

"Rest well and be composed"
Give yourself enough rest. Fight every war only when you come to it as not all battles are war-worthy!

When you are angry and disturbed, don't react; simply walk away. Keep your cool and be proactive because any/every immediate reaction is not thoroughly thought through. You are "eating out of your enemy's hands". You should allow enough time to pass. Management decision can be "Yes", "No" or "Wait".

Be thoughtful to all around you. Whatever you do affects everybody, especially those closest to you - your parents, siblings, grandparents ... You don't want to drop a nucleur bomb to eliminate your neighbour!

Time is my best friend. When I walk away from an unworthy challenge, I have time to think. And most of the time when you return, your unworthy opponent has disappear, been liquidated or simply became 'friend' again.

Have faith in your GOD. HE will always be there for you, and with you.


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