Friday, May 9, 2008

Hope - here, there, everywhere

There is hope, there is miracles, there is God!
We will always be safe in the hands of God

Positive attracts positive
We will do well to reside on the bright side of life; don't just work hard, work smart.
Make hay while the sun shines

Everything happens for a reason
Long after the event passed, we will know the reasons for the event happening.
By then, the pain is gone and the residue, if any, is nothing but memories

Life is about living; not just being alive
We should do our best to live life to the fullest, happiest and with contentment

There is no one best way to handle life's challenges
Sometimes you KeepInView, sometimes its in, and most times, its out.
When its KIV, someone will take care of it; either you or others
When its In, someone has just pass the buck to you
When its Out, you have just pass the buck to someone

Moments of sadness last longest because we long for the painful hours to pass
Moments of happiness are shortest because we enjoy and indulge without realizing that time has passed us by

Cometh the time; cometh the man
We are made for the seasons we lived in.

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