Thursday, June 20, 2013

How lost can lost be?

Crossing rivers & climbing mountains are never easy but it can't be any easier with life's challenges.

I have worked hardest, not just hard, tried to work smartly & definitely sincere.
I have put in limitless efforts, tried alternative solutions, even accepting less optimal suggestions; I am, & have been, too accommodating.

In the end, I was sold 'lock, stock & barrel' by my most trusted client, my best partner; people whom I helped without motives plus 'plentiful of gives'. I have traded my trust only to receive absolute betrayals.

I receive minimum to nil reward.

If there is God, HE must be very busy helping everyone except me.
The day when HE stopped helping me, I knew 'I am on my own'; for myself, by myself.
Alas! I'd liked to believe that I wasn't abandoned by HIM but HE is 'looking after others who have more pressing needs than me'!

I have been waiting for, & wishing that, HE will give me a break, a helping hand & plentiful of blessings.

If  HE is too busy, at least, do not test me further.
I am 'dead tired', losing hope, struggling ...I am working with 'back-up' battery.
Without re-charging, I am almost a dried prune.

I dislike my current stature, my position but I like my ability to be able to break out of glass ceiling & crash through obstacles.
I have enough to go on, to fight, to win, to overcome the odds but ...I am only a human.

God; give me strengths, guts, intelligence & help me walk through this sea of uncertainty.
In God, I trust.

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