Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's No Fun To Be Poor

When the rich says "its no fun to be poor they are not referring to the poor but to themself".
How would the rich ever understand poor does not equals sad, unable or 'disable'?
Will the rich ever understands what's hunger & deprive?

The poor can stretch his dollar & lives within his means but a dollar is too little to be of any use to the rich.
The rich proclaims that he does 'charity' anonymously; well, how am I (the poor) to know if it's true as I never receive a cent of his help?
Whatever; the rich poor gap is the North-South divide.

When the rich/superior says;
'We will look into it' means 'no idea & still searching for answers'
'We will consider' means 'it may not concern me nor is it my territory'
'There are enough to go round, Don't panic' means 'I already have, you wait'
'No comments' simply mean 'don't ask me'!

The rich (golfer) walks the green while the poor (farmer) ploughs his land.
The rich enjoys the sea, the breeze & his cruiser while the fisherman have all but fish for a living.
The wealthy says 'I share your predicament'; it's giving moral support, meaning 'lip service'.

General Powell said he managed to win the war because his men in the trenches 'fought alongside him'. It's no fun being a foot soldier neither a responsible General. It's comradeship.

We are said to be equal but we are never, or will ever be, 'born equal', 'live equal' nor 'have equal opportunities'. It's the Law of the Jungle.

To all : you any be born poor but never lives poor. Everything being equal, I prefer to have the upper half!

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