Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Money & Power

Knowledge is power, power is money...

Study hard, do well in school & you will succeed, otherwise you will be a road sweeper 
These were the words I heard when I was young
Get a degree & you will find a good job & life will be a bliss

Use your initiative, be creative & think out of the box
Ask questions if you don't understand 
Express your ideas, freely & speak out against wrongs & wrongdoing 

Defend the country, your family & your loved ones with your life
Fight against injustice, stand up for rights & help the poor
Meritocracy reign, fair employment & more good years for all/you

Time change & people changes
Many things I learnt when I was younger doesn't seem relevant nor applicable
Obligations remain, equality is elusive, jobs opportunities are rarer 

Promises remained as Promises

The sunny island has gotten more developed & beautiful but crowded with foreigners

With many newbies called PRs, FTs or simply new citizens, our population doubles but our infrastructure remained constant, overused, under maintained & lacking
Fatcat pays kill initiatives, their willingness to work & breed ring fencing & protecting their choice positions & appointments

Everyone suffers but suffering is inversely related to wealth & income
The rich cannot live in a sea of poor
The poor cannot remained poor forever

What does the future holds?

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