Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Truth About Singapore

the everchanging sides of Singapore...

What is right (or reading the right thing) or wrong?

1) in the battlefront - if U don't shot your enemy, he will kill U. ...uummm, killing is wrong!
2) IRs generate revenues & employment ...uummm, gambling is not exactly good nor right
3) our electricity/powerplant were sold/privatized ...uummm, the buyer is normally warrantied certain minimum returns & the consumers (rich or poor) carry this obligation
4) Uni-education does not warranty success in life ...uummm, true, so does this mean we can or should do away with Uni-education? 
5) control, control & more controls are good for U ..ummm, may I do the controlling instead?

Wiseman thoughts or fool's gold?

The mosquitoes are laughing...

Quote from a Forum writer "..Tip-offs about mosquito breeding sites in tree holes are diverted to the National Parks Board, those in potholes on the road come under the Land Transport Authority, drains come under the purview of PUB and places like back lanes are under the charge of the Singapore Land Authority.."

With so many agencies involved, I am not surprise that efficiencies & effectiveness are traded away 'tai-chi' style.

Do U know two different agencies handle 'birds complaints' - Crows, pigeons & other birds?

Maybe, this is job creation or 'protection'! 

I pray that when the/an enemy 'attack' our sunny island, we need not wait for the different units (land, sea, air) to respond because different agencies are in-charge! The mosquitoes are laughing...

Talk to the successful people, chances are U will be advised;

1) Don't give up
2) For every door that closes, the windows are still open
3) I almost give up, but...I made it
4) persevere, be patient, mark your time
5) I can, U can too

All these are very encouraging & motivating but try telling them to a hungry, desperate person with a few mouths to feed.

Those who feast daily will never understand what it means to be hungry!

Some ironies of life;

1) We can ban chewing gum but can't ban cigarettes
2) The regular use of MRT tracks do not get nor require servicing
3) SIA orders new airplanes but needed to 'mothball' a transport plane
4) Our military have one of the most advance attack weapons, potentially adding F-35s, for display but not enough is spent on healthcare & well-being (not welfare) for the citizens.

Last, but not least, the first dengue fatality - the professor said (quote from news reports) 'even if the patient had been admitted two days earlier, it would not have made a difference'! ... Tell that to our SARS team, Sir.

Oh, by the way, I am not a smoker but i'm not against smoking ...just have a good laugh

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